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Veterans Memorial Garden - A Dedicated Memorial for all Veterans of this Great Nation.

Branson, MO

To Volunteer

Volunteers are always needed (and appreciated) to plant, fertilize, mulch, prune and weed the Memorial Garden. Our many "Friends of the Garden" are the back-bone of the success and beauty of this garden.

vmg-06-240Anyone can become a volunteer at the Veterans Memorial Garden. We extend an invitation to you to become a part of this great endeavor. Green Thumbs are not a requirement to be a helping hand. Anyone can give a few hours each month. Who knows, you might just learn a few important things about gardening that you can use at home.

The purpose of the Veterans Memorial Garden is to serve as an oasis where Veterans and their families can come to reflect on the valor and sacrifice of fellow Veterans. It is a gigantic "Thank You" that everyone can enjoy.

vmg-16-240If you are interested in joining us, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can be a vital part of creating a Lasting Legacy to all Veterans. Just fill out this form and Email it. Or, call us a 1-888-332-3535 and let us know when you are available.

I'd Love to Volunteer!

"Never Let Yourself Forget, How Much Fun It Is To Play In The Dirt"